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SoCal. U.S. Marine Instagram: @Ninjaaatuuurtle ; R.I.P My Brother April 15,2010
Name: Michaelangelo Sansano , Happily Taken (: , Straight. C/O 2012 @SUHi. Dancer. LoL IGN: Prìnce

Just scroll down its just my vent ;3

I feel as if the world is against me
Where its bond to destroy me
I feel pain in my body
which lead me no where to gain 
It hurts physically and mentally
I can’t describe this idiotic pain
But I only know it was gain from the people who lead me down
Who doesn’t know me 
Who thinks its funny to pick on people who struggle the most in life
No one but myself knows who I am
And it’s stupid because I know for fact I should never give up. 
But in society today it’s hard to fight back they just keep punching me into the ground where I can’t even see the light
So much for the free flight 
The free ride into happiness
To wide for me to see hope
With my only hope I cope by dancing but it’s still doesn’t bring me to life.
Thinking about everything from parents to friends 
No one ever treated me right and they all saw me as a fiend 
Like I ain’t no monster from the graveyard to scare you away
So please get close to me and learn my way
I ain’t no alien from outter space
So treat me as if I’m from your place in a steady pace
I’m only human who wants peace and harmony
Not a human who wants sadness and harmed
I love all humanity from gay to straight 
They’re all human to me that wants peace as to me
With an easy ace
But since im on this rough dirty road 
I must remind myself that I should never look back and to keep pushing forward 
wards everywhere scouting out for me looking for danger
Like angels in the sky 
tryin to push me forward and to pull me off the ground
Another round came around april the month I lost my brother 
The month I lost friends and gain friends but of course rumors spread like a peanut butter jelly sandwich how I cried for months and days 
Hopefully finding a way to achieve my dreams
Dreams that never existed for me before
Dreams that were meant for others to gain
A reward never came around but I never gave up I’m still here keeping strong and I will never back down until I prove every single person who picked on me, who spreaded rumors about me, that they were wrong so just you wait cause my long term pain will be cured and you’ll soon realize that it was wrong to pick on me

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